CAN SL Bypass Kit

EVO-ALL Bypass Kit


CAN Bus bypass kit and interface module for Honda, Acura, Chrysler, Jeep, Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Pontiac, Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan, Infiniti, Volvo and Porsche vehicles. Works with all after market keyless entry, alarm system, and remote starters.


The CAN SL is the first CAN Bus bypass kit on the market to strictly follow SAE protocols and use a dedicated CAN Bus driver to ensure that there is never any damage to the vehicle, even if the micro-controller fails. It has advanced self-learning algorithms for hassle-free programming that allows the CAN SL to communicate with the vehicle and questions the vehicles identity, in-turn learning instantly what functions it is capable of handling in each vehicle.

It boasts a 20MHz processor, which is 10x more powerful than any remote-starter on the market. This allows the bypass kit to achieve fast response times with no lag, and to perform up to 1Mbps on the vehicle's local bus to support future requirements. The EVO-ALL acts as its own independent OEM computer, just like all the OEM CAN modules on the local network. Advanced hardware and software protection has been built in to ensure state-of-the-art stability. It consumes only 2mA at rest to prevent battery drain, functions at very low temperatures to guarantee remote starting in extreme conditions and includes reset circuitry to ensures proper operation over all battery voltages, which makes it more stable at low voltages than remote car starters themselves.

The EVO-ALL has taken 18 months of development and prior to its release, has undergone over 9 months or 'real' (in car) testing as well as bench testing under destructive conditions for immunity to installation error. The EVO-ALL was designed and tested by ex-installers and is continually being updated to support more and more vehicles to its already dominant list of over 120 different years, makes and models.

Installation Manuals

Features / Functionality

Lock - Lock all the vehicle doors. (-) Input.
Unlock - Unlock all the vehicle doors. (-) Input.
Arm - Arm/Rearm the vehicle alarm. (-) Input.
Disarm - Disarm the vehicle alarm. (-) Input.
Trunk - Release the trunk/rear hatch. (-) Input.
Sliding Door - Open/close the sliding door. (-) Input.
Rear Defrost - Activates rear defrost. Auto.
Heated Seats - Activates heated seats. Auto.
Heated Mirrors - Activates heated mirrors. Auto.
Gas Cap - Release the gas cap. (-) Input.
Radio Turnoff - Turn off the radio after shutdown. Automatic.
Tach - Engine RPM. (Pulsed) Output.
Door Pin - Constant status of all doors. (-) Output.
Hood Pin - Constant status of hood. (-) Output.
Trunk Pin - Constant status of trunk/rear hatch. (-) Output.