Why Use EVO-ALL?

Beginning in 2008, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) will require 100% of the vehicles sold in the USA to use the CAN Bus communication protocol. Start leveraging your shop profits with the market's first CAN Bus bypass kit that follows strict SAE protocols.

Installer Efficiency

The EVO-ALL bypass kit will improve the installers efficiency because it is easier to install than any other analog or data bypass kits on the market.

Fewer Connections - Because the EVO-ALL bypass kit uses the CAN Bus to communicate with the vehicle, many features can be provided through either a single or dual-wire hookup. This reduces the number of connections that are required during installation and improves the products reliability as well as the installers efficiency because there are fewer points of failure.

Luxury Vehicles - Remote starter installation into luxury vehicles has always required more expertise and time than regular vehicles. This is especially true for the technology trends that the automakers have introduced in their vehicles over the last 5-10 years. However, the installations difficulty is hardly ever with the main ignition wires, rather the optional accessories such as the anti-theft system, door-locks, and tachometer are what make these installs more demanding. The EVO-ALL bypass kit eliminates all these difficulties by offering old-school connectivity while utilizing CAN Bus technology, thus making the installation on the newest luxury vehicles as easy the older generic makes and models that used multi-loom wiring.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction with after market remote-starter and alarm installation is foremost dependent on the products reliability and secondly with the product features.

Robust Installation - The majority of product failures are a direct result of installation error. Because our EVO-ALL bypass kit requires fewer connections, the possible points of failure from installation error decrease, thus increasing the product reliability.

Quicker Installation - For most of the installation shops located in Canada and the northern United States, the remote-starter season is the busiest time of the year and customer appointments are usually booked solid several weeks in advance. The EVO-ALL bypass kit cuts installation time in half so installation shops will increase their daily throughput. Timely installs not only result in higher profits, but your customers will also gain confidence in your expertise and they will be more inclined to be a repeat customer and/or make referrals.

Confident Sales - Most bypass kits are only compatible with a handful of vehicles, which makes it very difficult for your sales personal to learn specifically what parts are compatible with each vehicle make, model and year. The EVO-ALL bypass kit works with over 120 different makes and models of vehicles. This diverse range of compatibility greatly reduces the sales representatives learning curve, which simplifies their job allowing them to provide quicker and more accurate sales to your customers.

Common Features - The EVO-ALL bypass kit offers the following features that are included with most standard (non-CAN) data bypass kits:
  • OEM Alarm Disarm/Rearm - Disarm/Rearm the factory anti-theft system. (-) Input.
  • Door Locks - Lock/Unlock all of the doors. (-) Input.
  • Trunk/Hatch Release - Release the trunk/hatch. (-) Input.
Unique Features - The EVO-ALL bypass kit also includes the following unique features:
  • Tachometer - No more hunting for a tachometer wire. Pulsed Output.
  • Gas Cap Release - Release the gas cap. (-) Input.
  • Heated Seats - Activate the heated seats. Automatic below 0oC.
  • Rear Defrost - Activate the rear defrost. Automatic below 0oC.
  • Sliding Door - Open/Close the sliding door. (-) Input.
  • Radio Turnoff - Disable RAP. Automatic.
  • Hood Pin - Hood status. (-) Output.
  • Trunk Pin - Trunk/Hatch door status. (-) Output.

Consolidated Stock

Backwards Compatible - All EVO-ALL updates will work with older installations. No installation modifications are required when a new update is released. Simply unplug the older EVO-ALL module and replace it with any newer version.

Vehicle Compatibility - The EVO-ALL bypass kit is compatible with 7 makes, 36 models, and 123 different years of vehicles. There is no longer any need to stock bypass kits that only support a handful of different vehicles.

There are several benefits in consolidating your stock:
  • Ordering - Preorder only one bypass kit that includes the vehicle compatibility and functionality of several different parts. Doing so makes bulk purchasing more attainable, which improves discounts.
  • Sales - Diverse vehicle compatibility is easier for your sales representatives to learn and manage.
  • Warranty - A consolidated stock helps whenever a warranty replacement is needed. Backwards compatibility ensures that you don't need to wait several days (or weeks) for your distributor to ship you a new module, simply replace the old module with a newer one from your existing stock.

Product Compatibility - The EVO-ALL is compatible with all makes and models of after market remote starters, alarms, keyless entry systems or any combination thereof. The EVO-ALL does not sell itself, rather it lets you sell your other after market electronics as well as its installation labor.
  • Keyless Entry - The EVO-ALL provides a negative input for door locks, OEM alarm (disarm and rearm), trunk release (rear-hatch), and sliding door.
  • Alarms - In addition to the above inputs the EVO-ALL provides negative outputs for the hood pin and trunk pin. No need to diode isolate each individual door.
  • Remote Starters - In addition to the above the EVO-ALL provides a pulsed tachometer output so there is no need to even open the hood. Plus automatic control of heated seats, rear defrost (when below 0oC) and Retained Accessory Power (RAP) disable.

Shop Profitability

When an installation shop has an efficient installation and sales staff, satisfied customers, and is able to rotate its stock frequently, it will experience a notable increase in profits.

Do The Math

Remove any one part of this the equation and profitability will suffer. All of these key points were kept in mind throughout the entire design process of our EVO-ALL. We are confident that our new CAN Bus bypass kit will allow our customers to achieve the highest profits possible from a single product.