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This is a collection of various online news articles that are either covering the CAN Bus technology or our EVO-ALL interface kit.

Auto Page Shows AP Data Link CAN-SL

[2006.01.24] Mobile Electronics Magazine (

Auto Page is launching the 2006 new line of products by introducing the new AP Data Link CAN-SL. The AP DATA LINK CAN-SL uses CAN Bus protocol to communicate with the vehicle, improving installer efficiency, reliability and installation time. It takes remote starter installations on the newest luxury vehicles back to old-school connectivity, Auto Page says.

CAN Bus is a serial bus protocol used to connect individual systems and sensors within the vehicle as an alternative to conventional multi-wire looms. It allows automotive components to communicate with the vehicle�s computer on a single or dual-wire networked data bus up to 1Mbps. Using half the connectors, the CAN Bus eliminates large wire looms, reduces weight and gives the vehicle electronics high-speed communication.

The AP DATA LINK CAN-SL offers versatility that other by pass kits and generic kits are not capable of, says Auto Page. The AP DATA LINK CAN-SL has many Unique Features such as, Tachometer, Gas Cap Release, Heated Seats, Rear Defrost, Sliding Doors, RAP (Radio Turnoff), Hood Pin, and Trunk Pin.

The AP DATA LINK CAN-SL is the first aftermarket CAN Bus bypass kit to offer connectivity of Vehicle Security Alarm Systems and Remote Car Starters to high speed CAN Bus communication protocol. In 2006, over 70% of all automobiles sold in North America will utilize CAN Bus technology. Beginning in 2008, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) requires 100% of all the vehicles sold in the USA to use the CAN Bus communication protocol.